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Exhibition itinerary

The Mei exhibition itinerary is divided into 16 areas that address the theme of Italian migrations from both a chronological and thematic point of view. 

Each area is characterised by the presence of interactive multimedia stations, archive stations, video screenings with actors or video installations.

A15 Internal migration and contemporary migration A00 We're off! A16 What do you think? A memory of the MEI A01 Migrations before the Unification of Italy A02 Who's going? A04 The health of the Italians A05 The land A06 Myths, dreams and propaganda A03 The choices - The trailblazer A09 Emigration and politics A07 Destination World A10 Memorial A08 Italians on the move A11 The Maze A12 Work Work Work A14 Migration and community A13 Educational soace