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The Italians who left to go and work abroad over the centuries were not just unskilled labourers, they often exported their skills, their experience and their professionalism, but frequently had to accept those jobs that the countries of arrival offered them, often the least skilled and the lowest paid.

It is impossible to list all the different types of work performed by Italian emigrants, also because the working conditions and the activities carried out were very different depending on the place and the different historical periods in which the emigrants lived, with a different degree of protection of workers' rights and different previous training, not to mention that the lack of knowledge of the language was often an obstacle to obtaining more profitable and rewarding employment.

This area presents some moments, episodes and professions that characterised the presence of Italian workers abroad through videos preserved in the Rai Teche and Istituto Luce Archives. A special focus is dedicated to the profession of knife-grinders, known as "moleta", from Val Rendena in Trentino.

An interactive station dedicated to younger visitors allows them to explore the different jobs performed by children, women and men in different historical periods and in different countries around the world.