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Since 11 May 2022, the Commenda has hosted the MEI, National Museum of Italian Emigration, an entirely multimedia museum dedicated to the story of Italian migrations to the world. The visit itinerary winds through 16 areas that retrace the stories of migrations from the Unification of Italy to the contemporary era, through a chronological order enriched by thematic insights.

Opening time:
From Wednesday to Friday 11 - 18
Saturday and Sunday 11 - 19

Where we are:
Piazza della Commenda di Prè 1
16126 Genoa

MEI Museum


Each story, each biography presented within the MEI's exhibition itinerary is unique, but the reasons for departure, the places of destination, the difficulties encountered, the professions practised, the positive and negative experiences, are often similar and unite migrants of the past and present.

In this section of the website, it is possible to explore a selection of stories about emigration using a thematic filter, exploring topics such as emigration due to political or religious reasons, migration dictated by economic and labour requirements or sentimental reasons, migration as seen through the eyes of children, experiences related to coping with a language or culture different from one's own or reflecting on one's personal identity in the balance between two worlds.


Here you will find the main destinations of the testimonials