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Within the MEI exhibition itinerary, extensive space is given to biographical and autobiographical accounts of migrations. The stories of migrants, within a solid historiographical framework, are told to visitors through letters, diaries, family photographs, audio and video interviews that bring them into direct contact with those who left their homes, their affections and their countries in the past and still do so today, in search of new opportunities, professional growth, economic improvements or simply new adventures.

The museum presents over two hundred stories of people who left Italy between 1861 and January 2020, before the start of the Covid-19 pandemic. In this section of the site it is possible to explore some of the testimonies in the museum, presented here in summarised form, and to expand the visit by reading, listening to and looking at other biographies of Italians who have left in the last 160 years.

The stories of Italian migrations have been selected and collected in collaboration with various organisations, research institutes, archives, museums and associations of Italians around the world.

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