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Migrazioni Interne

Copertina tematica Migrazioni Interne (Credits: Archivio Diaristico Nazionale)

In Area A15 of the Museum - Internal migration and contemporary migration - you will find stories of Italians who chose to move within national borders.
Uliano Lucas and Gino Brignolo witnessed the great period of internal migration. With their pictures, they helped to tell the story of the migration of Italians.

Gino Brignolo
A former partisan, he was born in Turin in 1921. His passion for filmmaking developed after he joined a recreational photography club. He bought his first 8mm camera in 1956 and immediately started filming the city. Filming was his passion but not his job and he put in lots of overtime at work to buy rolls of film. He completely self-produced his films: a large cupboard at home became his workshop, where he installed the editing machine and the titler. During the years of the migratory boom, he realised that something important was happening in the city. He would go to Turin's Porta Nuova railway station in the morning and, with his camera hidden in a bag with a hole in the side, film the immigrants arriving in the city on what became known as the “Sun Train”. 

Uliano Lucas
Born in Milan in 1942, Uliano Lucas grew up surrounded by the climate of civil and intellectual reconstruction that animated the Lombard capital after the Second World War. When he was just seventeen, he began mixing with the circle of artists, photographers and journalists who were living in the Brera district at the time, and it was here that he decided to pursue a career in photojournalism. With his documentation campaigns in the 1970s and 1980s, he investigated the facts and contradictions of his time, including immigration in Italy and abroad, a selection of which are presented here.
In the decades that followed, he continued to narrate the different faces of reality.