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Antifascist expats

Immagine di copertina della tematica Espatriati antifascisti (Credits: Archivio Storico della Presidenza della Repubblica)

The stories of antifascist expats can be found in Area 08, Italians on the Move.

In the period between the two world wars, with the rise of the fascist dictatorship, as had already happened during the Risorgimento, Italy once again witnessed the migration of people abroad: these were anti-fascist citizens, workers, politicians and men of culture, socialists, communists, Catholics, republicans, anarchists, militants of the emerging Justice and Freedom movement, as well as a significant number of personalities who referred to liberal political thought.

Political refugees, expatriates, exiles, illegal immigrants, fugitives, defined as such according to different points of view, but above all antifascist men and women who, forced by political circumstances, out of loyalty to their political beliefs and to escape fascist violence, decided to emigrate, keeping their activism alive from abroad, supporting the internal opposition movements that continued to operate underground in Italy.